11/30/2012 20:13
  1. Registration Fees will be raised to $30 – this registration will be for approximately a 3 years period. The fee for a transfer of certificate of numbers for a used snowmobile sled will also be $30 for approximately a 3 year period. This fee will be raised to $45 in the year 2017.(Exempt from this would be any sled that is ridden on their own private property and never cross a road, sleds used only for competition sanctioned event, any sled designed for use by small children primarily as a toy used on private property and not on a public trail system.)


  1. Any person who does not live in the state of Illinois but is riding a snowmobile in the state must either have an Illinois registration or purchase a Trail Permit. The fee for such permits will be $25 per registration year.  These permits will be sold by the IDNR or persons appointed by the department. Expiration of permits shall be June 30 of each registration year.